Industries served

Creep resistance of a fan housing

In the past decades both industry and academia have witnessed an exponential increase in the use of numerical simulation techniques. In mechanical engineering finite element analysis (FEA) has since long been adopted as a reliable engineering tool to design and optimize all sorts of constructions. Other industries, which traditional rely more on analytical tools, such as civil engineering, have also started to embrace the technique.

As a result of this engineering transformation the scope of our services is quite broad. We do not only deal with the traditional engineering materials such as steel, aluminium and concrete, but also with “newer” materials such as composites, bio-materials and 3D printed parts. Our working field is also not limited to the traditional mechanical and civil engineering domain but extends into the chemical and food industry, offshore constructions, rubbers and plastics, electronics, biomechanics, entertainment and many more.

Post-buckling analysis of a bolted connection

Because of the growing acceptance of these techniques and the availability of suitable software tools, the design problems have also become more complex. Far gone are the days where simulations where limited to simple linear static problems. Today we can offer simulations involving many complexities such as material non-linearity, dynamical loading, contact, etc. A scan of the examples shown elsewhere on this site gives an idea of the scope of engineering problems that can be tackled today.

We offer our expertise to all companies that can benefit from these simulations in their R&D or production department. We offer these services both to SME’s and large companies, but also to certification agencies and governmental institutions. In the past years we have acquired a very diverse customer portfolio including large companies such as ArcelorMittal, Chiquita and TÜV, but also numerous small and middle-sized companies active in very diverse areas. Feel free to contact us and learn about our past projects and customer base and perhaps we might be able to convince you of our added value to your company.