Mission statement

Impact resistance of a speedgate

Indurium Engineering offers consultancy services to a wide range of industries, and is primarily focused on performing state-of-the-art numerical simulations of materials, products and structures. As a multidisciplinary engineering firm we are consulted by various companies that seek advice on the design of new products, to select the appropriate materials for a particular application, to evaluate the mechanical or thermal performance of a specific product, to optimize new and existing designs or to find out why a structure has failed and how to take appropriate measures.

When used wisely, finite element methods and related simulation techniques allow to accurately predict the mechanical and thermal behavior of materials and products in a completely virtual manner. Potential flaws in the design of a new product can be traced from the early design stages and solved before an actual construction of the prototype or final product is undertaken. The ultimate goal is to get it right the first time and to avoid extensive testing typically encountered during the trial-and-error phase of a design process. For many applications both the lead time and cost of the design process can be reduced significantly in this way. Numerical models offer more confidence with complex designs and reduce the risk of serious shortcomings in the final product or structure. Furthermore, during the virtual optimization of a product, the risk of over-dimensioning is ruled out and often significant cost savings in both materials and labor can be achieved.

Hydroforming of an exhaust pipe

Indurium Engineering offers its expertise to all industries that can benefit from adopting numerical simulations in their R&D or production department. As simulation by itself does not necessarily provides the complete solution to an engineering challenge, our services also include design work, material testing, product evaluation and customized software development. In dealing with many different industries over the years we have acquired extensive experience in working according to various international standards and guidelines in order to prepare products and structures for certification by notified bodies.

We continually strive to excel at what we do and look for new opportunities to share our knowledge and experience. Let us know of your engineering challenges and perhaps we can be of assistance!


Prof. dr. ir. Dimitri Debruyne