Our approach

Snow and wind resistance of an aluminium roof

Every engineering challenge requires a different approach. At the very start of each project, the goals are carefully tailored to the needs and expectations of the customer. As we collaborate with both small and medium-sized enterprises, as well as large international companies, we are well aware that the targets, the approach and the deliverables within a certain project can vary significantly depending on the size, focus and internal work flow of the customer.

We have a young team of engineers recruited from different backgrounds and used to constantly changing conditions. As a result our lead times are short. Simulation work or other consultancy services of limited size can be finished in a short time span; we do not cultivate waiting queues of many weeks or months. Larger projects are planned, evaluated and adjusted where needed on a continuous basis and in interaction with the customer to maximize the efficiency of our work.

Bending of tube

To serve your company on different technical levels, we also have first-class access to a substantial network of both academic and industrial partners who – if necessary – can be activated in order for us to offer you a complete solution to your problems. Quite often a project not only involves design and calculation, but might also necessitate material testing, product validation, certification, etc. We go a long way to offer you all these services in one package so you do not have to deal with other subcontractors. This considerably simplifies the communication and the efficiency of your project.

It is perhaps unnecessary to mention but we maintain absolute secrecy for each project. All information submitted to us is treated with the utmost discretion, from the initial contact onwards. We also have no issues signing non-disclosure agreements or returning documents once the project is finished.

Finally, we adopt a very transparent pricing policy. For some assignments we work with a global fixed fee for the entire project; this does require that the tasks and desired outcomes can be clearly defined from the onset. Other projects lend themselves better to work on an hourly rate basis since often the challenges and outcomes cannot sufficiently be defined from the start. In that case, we provide (weekly) time logs to the customer so that the progress (and hours spent) can be tracked. In any case, these practical arrangements are always discussed before undertaking the actual assignment.

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