Our toolbox

As an engineering company that is deeply involved in numerical simulations, we use a wide range of CAD and CAE software suites, such as Abaqus, Creo and Scia Engineer. Over the past years we have also developed a lot of in-house tools to speed up analysis of certain type of problems, e.g. evaluation of connections or determining wind loads according to different standards. We are a member of NAFEMS (www.nafems.org), an international organization that promotes and supports the use of numerical simulation in engineering.

Of course, we cannot always offer all technical services needed for certain projects. In such cases we can turn to our network of partners in order to provide our customers with a total solution that might also require material testing or product validation. We collaborate with many of the local universities and research institutes to cover those needs. Further, as a subcontractor and partner to TÜV we also have a direct communication line for all questions and problems related to certification of products.

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